Base building game with artificial life simulation.



Alpha 1.7, 01.05.2015

Back to the oga buildings but they are now much more detailed. Next I’ll work on the tutorial and hint system.

New oga buildings

Alpha 1.6, 01.05.2015

Highly experimental change: I switched the building tileset.. to something medieval-fantasy like. Maybe with the next 1.7 everything is back to sci-fi. But I like the looks and possiblities this would give us (magic!!). Some lore is now inconsistent - e.g. building descriptions. But overall you can see how this would/could work and it would make finding art easier.

I also fixed the annoying mouse-cursor during building. Get version 1.6 over here.

Pic of the new buildings:


Alpha 1.5, 15.01.2015

Fixed minor bugs and switched from node-webkit to the new

Get version 1.5 over here.

Alpha 1.4, 28.11.2014

Oops: loading took forever in 1.3 because I forgot to ship with the cached map file. Fixed in hotfix version 1.4.

Alpha 1.3, 24.11.2014

I fixed some low hanging fruits and released it as alpha 1.2.

You can grab the new version in the download section.



Gameplay video of alpha 1.1, 24.10.2014

Getting the word out, 17.10.2014

Well, download it!